Custom built JRi Shocks by Competitive Suspension

JRi shocks understands the extreme, unique demands of drag racing. After in-depth research and development, the JRi Drag Race Development Team custom designed and built the highest performing shocks and struts on the market.

JRi drag shocks feature several variations from its most popular & successful double adjustable to its high-end air-assisted 4-way adjustable shock. The 4-way adjustable shock offers high/low-speed compression adjustment and high/low-speed rebound adjustment available with air-assisted rebound for tire control.

Sportsman Series

Double Adjustable Drag Shock

Double Air Assisted Adjustable Drag Shock

4-Way Air Assisted Adjustable Drag Shock

5 Way Air Assisted Drag Shock

Triple Adjustable Air Drop Shock

Drag Double Adjustable Strut

AFCO Drag Racing Shock Absorbers

AFCO parts can improve performance of drag racing vehicles. The common thread amongst our racing and performance parts is unmatched performance. AFCO products are built to win.  AFCO’s never-ending passion to build better products is the reason racing teams and top enthusiasts rely on AFCO and why Competitive Suspension caries the complete line of AFCO shocks.

We handle the entire line of AFCO products. Please contact us with questions about any products not listed here on our site.

Eliminator series

Reactor Series

Big Gun Twin Tube Aluminum Series

Big Gun Monotube Aluminum Canister Series

Dominator 4-Way Adjustable Drag Shock

Landrum & Magnitude Drag Racing Springs

Landrum & Magnitude Racing Spring products offer enhanced technology through their engineering resources and expanded experience from all of their power-train engineers. Additionally, with nearly years of manufacturing experience Landrum & Magnitude continually improves their products to exceed demanding expectations.

Racing Springs

Magnitude Racing Springs

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