Winners Wednesday 5/26!
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  •   26 May 2021

Winners Wednesday 5/26!

Another strong week from our customers this past weekend. We will start off with the guy who kicked off the weekend with the first win. Congratulations Jake Hodge for pulling off your win at the Great American Bracket Race. Jake utilizes a set of Afco Shocks we rebuilt for his car and a set of our JRi Sportsman series shocks. Another JRi Sportsman equipped car was Mark Brewer. Getting the win at the Sniper Series after bolting our shocks on this past week. Josh Pickett brings how another win. He uses AFCO shocks on all 4 corners we did for his S10. Another S10 customer getting a win you might have heard of was David Rampey using a set of AFCO front shocks we rebuilt and revalved for him. Now we can head over to our dragster winners. Lee Ream got the win at Maple Grove in Super Comp this past weekend utilizing a JRi Mono shock. Last but certainly not least was Scott Albrecht getting the win on Sunday at the Numidia 150 in Kyle Koretsky’s dragster utilizing a JRi mono shock. Congratulations everyone and thank you for trusting us!

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