Nitrogen Gauge Release
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  •   18 Jun 2019

Nitrogen Gauge Release

New Product Release:

We at Competitive Suspension are proud to release our very own shock nitrogen gauge. The gauge offers the ability to check and fill nitrogen filled shocks. When we started our business, we quickly learned that not all gauges work on all shocks. We handle the JRi Shocks brand and have found that most gauges on the market don’t work with their shocks. We wanted to make ours work on most. We have used this gauge on many different brands with great success. Our nitrogen gauge has worked on JRi Shocks and all other popular nitrogen filled shocks on the market using a common Schrader valve.

We are offering two different styles:

The first is a standard style gauge that is the most common on the market. The end threads onto the shock mounted directly to the body of the gauge assembly.

The second style has a hose attachment. Attaching the hose to this style gauge has made life a lot easier when working on mono shock dragster and other hard to reach places on most drag cars. We have even used this style on a couple dirt cars and found that it made checking and adding nitrogen faster and easier.

Product highlights:

-Anodized aluminum manifold for durability

-Machined ribs for grip

-2” gauge that reads 0-300psi

-Ability to work on most shocks

-Properly read nitrogen levels

-T-handle no loss chuck for common Schrader valve style shocks

Gauge Pricing:

$110 for the standard style

$130 for the hose style

Call today to get yours 484-529-3501. Email Support@competitivesuspension.com

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