AFCO GM Front Shocks
  •   support@competitivesuspension.com
  •   21 Sep 2020

AFCO GM Front Shocks

We are going to highlight a couple of different style shocks from AFCO you can use. The front end setup is very common on gm style cars from the 50’s on up. The Autofab a-arms are pictured. This will illustrate one style of aftermarket a-arm that utilizes a common lower mount. Next to it we have a stock style a-arm. The aftermarket a-arm needs a new location for the compression knob and a 1″ monoball. The stock style a-arm will have a compression knob down and a t-bar mount. We can accommodate either style a-arm with these shocks. Both style front shocks can be set up with a standard style valving or a heavy compression to control the bounce. We have a couple different valving setups we can use depending on how heavy your car is. There are other setups on the market that cost twice as much. These will do exactly what you need to eliminate the bounce from a wheelie. We are utilizing what we sell on our project s10. This will give us the advantage of understanding better what you the customer goes thru. If you purchase a set of AFCO shocks with the stock style a-arm it can be swapped down the road. This allows you to not have to buy a whole new shock. Both shocks can be setup with a coil over setup or continue to use the stock spring. The coil over setup utilizes an AFCO tapered spring. This allows for easier ride height adjustment rather than cutting coils. The a-arms and shock setup on the left are what we are using on our shop truck s10.  Call us with any questions.

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