Competitive Suspension S10
  •   support@competitivesuspension.com
  •   24 Sep 2020

Competitive Suspension S10

We are going to be highlighting our new project over the next few months. With an anticipated completion date for the start of the 2021 season. In building this truck we wanted to utilize products from our vendors. Also we will be working to make something a lot of our customers utilize. First thing will be ladder bars. A lot of our bracket racing customers utilize ladder bars. So we are going to go that same route. The first products we will will be highlighting is our front end setup. We are going to use Autofab race cars a-arms. Also on the front we are using AFCO shocks and springs. We set the shocks up with a valving we have had a lot of success with. The valving allows for ample weight transfer and a stiff compression to control the front end oscillation that so many bracket racers deal with. We are proud to say we will be racing exactly what we sell.

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