Competitive Suspension
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  •   3 Nov 2020

Competitive Suspension

Why the logo change?

Shane has owned Competitive Suspension for 3 years after spending 11 years at Penske Racing Shocks. At the start of 2020 we decided we would add Nathan Martin to incorporate dirt race shocks to our current offering of drag race shocks. As COVID-19 came, we took the opportunity to take a slow approach and allow Nate to gather as much knowledge as he could. He carries a certified chassis school diploma. Nate has experience working on Tom Blackwell‘s dirt late model in years past. Nate attends seminars weekly to stay up to date on dirt car setup, along with factory training at JRi Shocks. Nate lives at the dirt tracks on the weekend. We saw the need to add Jeremy Kleinfelter to assist in our backlog of shocks. He brings vast knowledge in machining and shares the same passion as Shane and Nate. We have worked hard to make sure we did this right. We expanded the shop. We added new equipment with a Boyd Bilt elite series spring smasher. A set of Longacre Racing Products wireless scales. Join me in welcoming Nate and Jeremy to the team and enjoy 10% off JRi shocks! Also 15% Competitive Suspension nitrogen gauges and pre load tools! Free standard shipping on AFCO Racing shocks. For the month of Novemeber.

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