•   Dave Connolly
  •   22 Apr 2020

Shock Springs Landrum or Magnitude

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Springs Are All 2.5” ID.


Landrum Performance Springs designed a coil over spring specifically for high travel applications such as: dirt, pavement and drag racing. The (VB) Variable Body Series design exceeds the high-performance demands and remains consistent. Landrum Performance Spring strives to manufacturer the highest quality suspension springs on the market. Manufactured with the highest-quality Chrome Silicon wire, every Landrum Performance Spring is engineered to provide an accurate spring rate and long life of Service. Every Landrum Performance Spring is preset to solid height during the manufacturing process which means every spring will be able to be compressed to solid during use. Each Landrum Performance Spring comes with a dyno sheet showing exactly what spring rate change is being made. This helps you make better, more accurate decisions and put you ahead of the competition.

Magnitude Suspension Springs
Premium High Travel Coil Over Suspension Spring

  • Manufactured in USA using Premium Materials.
  • Chrome Silicon Premium High Tensile Wire.
  • High Travel Design for Maximum Travel.
  • Designed for use in Off Road, Drag Race, Street Car Applications.
  • Manufactured using pre-set method to enhance free-length retention when used in abusive applications.
  • Double Shot Peened for Enhanced Fatigue
  • Powder Coated with premium Silver Sparkle Powder Coat.

Additional information

Weight 1.4515 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 8 × 8 in
Length X Rates

8X175, 8X200, 8X225, 8X250, 8X275, 8X300, 8X325, 8X350, 8X375, 8X400, 8X425, 8X450, 10X90, 10X100, 10X110, 10X125, 10X150, 10X350, 10X400, 12X80, 12X95, 12X100, 12X125, 12X135, 12X150, 14X80, 14X95, 14X100, 14X110, 14X125, 14X150

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